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If you were arrested for a DUI in Tampa, your best defense could be that law enforcement violated your constitutional rights. The police must have a legal basis to stop your vehicle and detain you. They must have a legal basis to continue detaining you to conduct a DUI investigation. And they ...

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A criminal conviction is a big blow but it is not the end of the road. This is because the conviction can be challenged in many ways and the judgment can be overturned by a higher court. If a friend or relation of yours has been convicted by a court of law, just get in touch with Hillsborough Def...

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Driving With A Suspended License In Florida

Apr 19, 2019 – Apr 2, 2020

Your drivers license may be suspended or revoked in the state of Florida for a number of reasons. https://t.co/833mwkG0p9 -
Some of the more common reasons you may have to turn in your drivers license to the Florida DMV include:
- failure to pay traffic fines
- arrested for DUI (driving under th...

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Even though driving with a suspended license is considered a relatively small infraction, there can still be serious repercussions. Dependent upon the details of your arrest, you may be able to obtain a lesser charge or even have the suspension dismissed altogether with the help of Tampa criminal...

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Charges in Florida for drug possession and drug trafficking can be some of the stiffest in the country. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, don’t fight the charges alone. With over 5,000 criminal cases under our belt, Hillsborough Defense has the experience you need. Contact Attorney Brett ...

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https://t.co/3sgn4cpoyp - Criminal charges are significant no matter how minor they may seem. One conviction can impact professional certifications, future employment, your entire livelihood. Don’t play around with your life or your career. We have the experience of handling over 5,000 criminal c...

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https://t.co/3sgn4cpoyp - In Florida, you can be arrested for a DUI for more than just alcohol. Drugs and medications, even prescriptions, can be used against you to build a DUI case. Don’t try to face these charges on your own! You deserve the kind of expert representation that comes from Tampa’...

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https://t.co/3sgn4cpoyp - Hillsborough Defense is a leader in Florida drug DUI law. Attorney Brett Metcalf has devoted many years in the defense and prosecution of these cases. We can use our considerable knowledge and experience in analyzing the test results, investigating the case, and getting ...

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Services Offered

  • Criminal Defense

    Being convicted of a crime can seriously affect your long-term career prospects as well as affecting your life over the next several months or years. However, many people still don't quite grasp how their life can change when they have a criminal conviction, which is why we take the time necessary to explain all of this as clearly as we can. It's important that you understand what the consequences can be, although obviously, you hope you'll never be in that situation. One of the biggest drawbacks of having a criminal record is that it can follow you forever, especially when it comes to applying for a job. Avoiding a conviction is our goal when you ask for our help, which is especially important considering many employers require at least a two-year background check for job applicants. And if you are applying for a license in Florida, there will likely be a background check, making it a must to have the best Hillsborough defense lawyer on your side. Contact Brett Metcalf today!
  • General Practice

    Brett Metcalf is a first-class attorney who practices in the region of Tampa, Florida. He provides legal representation in Florida for a range of issues and was chosen among the Rising Stars for 2018-2019. He's been admitted to represent clients in courts in Florida. After the completion of his undergraduate studies, Brett Metcalf went on to law school. He attended Florida State University College of Law and in 2009, he got a juris doctor degree. In 2009, Brett Metcalf was accepted to the practice of law. Attorneys such as Brett Metcalf are admired by their peers for their exceptional work and dedication to the spirit of the profession. Their professional work ethic, knowledge of the law and advocacy on their clients' behalf enable them to stand out among others in the field. Among others, Brett Metcalf provides representation for Personal Injury, DUI/DWI, Criminal Defense, Family Law and General Plaintiff cases.
  • Drug Charges

    Drug laws in Florida carry very stiff penalties for all violations. All drug crimes, with the exception of possessing drug paraphernalia or just a small amount of marijuana, which involve controlled substances are a felony. If you get charged with any drug offense, there is a great risk that you will be convicted, and depending on what the nature of the specific drug is and how much was allegedly involved with the offense, you might be faced with an expensive financial penalty and long jail sentence. It is essential that you contact Hillsborough Defense immediately to explore what potential options are available to you. Just a few examples of drugs are: drug possession, drug trafficking, possession with intent to distribute, and conspiracy to traffic in or distribute drugs. Whenever there are harsh penalties of a conviction, all potential avenues of defense must be explored. Contact Brett Metcalf at Hillsborough Defense to discuss your options.
  • Personal Injury Attorney

    You could be entitled to compensation if you have suffered from a personal injury, such as a slip and fall accident or a car crash. The potential consequences go far beyond the injuries and can include time missed from work, and bills for doctors and hospital treatments that you simply can't afford to pay. Your credit score may be affected, and the time spent recovering in hospital or therapy can take away precious time spent with friends and family. And all of this can affect you for months, sometimes even years or for the rest of your life. A good Hillsborough defense is needed to determine whether you have a valid case and if so, just how much compensation you might be entitled to. It's not much fun to try and fight the big insurance companies by yourself, and that's where we can help you. Our object is to get you the best possible settlement in the fastest time possible, and our lawyers will explain the process every step of the way, so you are always up to date on the progress.
  • Car Accident Attorney

    Distracted or careless drivers cause thousands of injuries and deaths in Florida every year, and the consequences of being injured by another driver's mistake can be devastating. Lost wages, a lower credit score, days off work, time with friends and family missed, and of course medical bills that are too high to pay are some of the things to expect. And unfortunately, you shouldn't rely on too much help and support from the insurance companies whose number one concern is looking after their bottom line. This means they are in no hurry to pay you what you are entitled to, and the process can take weeks or months to be resolved. One of the most experienced attorneys in Florida is Brett Metcalf of Hillsborough Defense. Attorney Metcalf is dedicated to helping victims of an accident. He works on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you don't owe anything unless he wins a cash settlement for you. He deals with the insurance company, so you don't have to. Call Hillsborough Defense today!
  • Domestic Violence

    If you are accused of domestic violence battery by a family member, then it is essential for you to understand how serious these charges are, and take the necessary measures to immediately start to build your defense. Our goal here at Hillsborough Defense is to keep your record protected, so that domestic violence charges do not end up haunting you for life. Allow us to assist you with our free initial consultation to help you understand what your rights are when it comes to a domestic violence case. Domestic violence is defined by Florida law as any aggravated assault, assault, sexual battery, sexual assault, aggravated battery, battery, false imprisonment, kidnapping, aggravated stalking, stalking, or any criminal offense that results in death or physical injury of a household or family member by another household or family member. Don't face this process alone. Call the expert criminal defense attorneys of Hillsborough Defense.
  • DUI Defense

    If you have been charged with DUI once and gotten away with it, you won’t get away twice. If you want to handle this case correctly, it is necessary to hire a competent and knowledgeable DUI lawyer. When you have already had a DUI, or multiples, for driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances against your driving record and you get arrested for the same crime again, you are in a serious situation. With every DUI conviction, your penalties will become more severe. By drunk driving again, you’re demonstrating a disregard for the safety and well-being of others and yourself, as well as disobeying the law and ignoring the warning that has been given to you through penalties. The court will believe that you did not learn a lesson the first time you were charged with DUI and the only way to change that is by responding you with heavier penalties. Whether it is your first, or multiple DUI charge, contact Brett Metcalf of Hillsborough Defense today!


2 months ago
Extremely professional and clearly the sharpest tool in any toolbox. Set the tone in the court room. This has to be one of the best law offices in Tampa. Thanks Brett
- Daniel T
3 months ago
I was referred to Brett Metcalf of Hillsborough Defense and was immediately impressed with him. Brett is extremely dedicated to his profession, and it was made quite clear on our call how dedicated he was to being the best Tampa DUI attorney in the area. He had expressed during our conversation how invested he becomes in each case, and how important it is to him to help his clients achieve the best possible outcome. After doing a bit more research on other drunk driving lawyers in Tampa, FL, it was obvious to see how much his clients trusted him and felt at ease in working with him throughout their drunk driving case. If you are dealing with criminal charges it can be stressful and confusing trying to determine your next steps. Brett is straightforward and takes charge of the situation, and will layout the process for you concerning your court date, and the actions you need to take prior to. You have many options available when choosing a Tamps DUI lawyer, I would quickly recommend ...
- Tim M
4 months ago
Mr. Metcalf and his staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and on top of things. In the midst of my confusion and thoughts of the worst possible outcome, Mr Metcalf took charge and handled the situation with professionalism and tact. I am very pleased with the results! There is justice in the world.
- Sherry V

Tampa Criminal Defense

Brett Metcalf of Hillsborough Defense, represents good people who have been alleged charges against them in the Tampa Bay area. Our highly experienced team of lawyers will always present the best possible criminal defense, regardless of the circumstances of your case.

In a DUI arrest, many wonder if possessing a prescription from their doctor can clear them of a drug charge. In these cases, prescriptions make it clear that the patient had an excuse for having and consuming the drug. However, it does not make it right for the driver to go behind the wheel after taking their medication. This idea is similar to alcohol access. Adults are also able to buy the substance but their age is not a shield against drunk driving. It is extremly difficult to establish the precise amount consumed at the time of the arrest. If charged with a DUI in Tampa, you want one of the best DUI defense lawyers at Hillsborough Defense.

Hillsborough Defense is a leader in Florida drug DUI law. We have devoted many years in the defense and prosecution of these cases. We can use our considerable knowledge and experience in analyzing the test results, investigating the case, and getting the most favorable outcomes given all the facts. DUI convictions in Florida have long-term consequences. Get legal help as soon as possible.

The team at Hillsborough Defense also pursues injury and wrongful death claims on behalf of clients and families that have been affected due to the negligence of others. Unfortunately, insurance companies are known for taking their time and for making people jump through hoops, which is the last thing you need if you have been seriously injured and are missing work. A good personal injury lawyer can liaise with the insurance company and help to speed up the process. And you won't pay us until and unless we win your case and get money for you - it's what is called a contingency fee. If you've been injured in an accident, don't hesitate to get the support and help you need. Contact Hillsborough Defense today and schedule an initial appointment with one of the leading personal injury lawyers in the area.

If you'veve been charged with domestic violence, Brett Metcalf is the only one you want representing you. The state's attorney office, in all domestic violence cases, will make the decision of whether or not to prosecute the case. The state attorney still can decide to prosecute a case even when the alleged victim doesn't want to. If your family member accuses you of domestic violence following a heated argument, then rescinds the accusation later, you still might be faced with a trial. That is why it is crucial to contact us as soon as possible to start to build a domestic violence defense in order to keep your record protected.

Domestic violence cases are unique as well since they cannot be expunged or sealed with a "no contest" or guilty plea. That is why you need to have an attorney to help you through the process. If you choose to plead guilty or "no contest," the charges will be on your record. Your life will be impacted for many years following the incident. If you are convicted of domestic violence again later, your prior charge will turn the new charge into a felony charge that includes a prison term of up to 5 years.

Our firm defends the assets and parental rights of individuals going through the emotional divorce process.

Every client we represent expects the best result possible and that is exactly what we intend to achieve. Every day.

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